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Portable Power SolutionsTel: 07895038777Email: mark@mtbbatteries.co.uk

XML Bike Light Useage Instructions

Mounting the Light Head to your Bicycle

The light head can be mounted to your handlebars (or optional helmet mount) using one of the supplied  O-rings. Connect the o-ring to the front of the mount, place the light in the desired location on the handlebar, and stretch the o-ring to the rear of the mount.

 Attaching the Battery

To provide you with the most flexible mounting choices, the  light set comes with more than 4 feet of cable from the battery and light head. This enables you to mount the battery almost anywhere on your bike. Wherever you choose to mount the light, be sure that it does not interfere with safe operation of your bike. You also need to secure any excess wire between the battery and light head so that it cannot become caught in your front wheel or otherwise interfere with riding your bike safely.

 Connecting the Battery to the Light Head

Plug the connector together. Be sure that it is completely connected to seal out dust and moisture.

 Charging the Battery

The battery  is shipped approx 50%  charged and although it can be used straight away it is best to  be fully charged prior to use.


To charge your battery, simply connect the charger to the battery and plug it into the wall. A completely depleted battery will take approximately 6 hours to recharge. The charger and battery both contain circuitry that works together to ensure that your battery is completely charged. Once charged, the light on the charger will change from red to green. Lithium-ion battery packs do require some special care. Please be sure to read the section titled “Care and Caution” for more information.

 Turning on the Light

To use your new light, simply press the waterproof switch on the back of the light head. The light comes with 4 modes, and pressing the switch additional times will cycle through these modes:

First press - Full brightness (about 3 hours of run time)

Second press - 50% brightness (about 6 hours of run time)

Third press - 10% brightness (more than 10 hours of run time)

Fourth press - Flashing mode (about 6 hours of run time)

Fifth press – Off

 Adjusting the Angle of the Light

The light mount is very secure but can be adjusted up or down to project the beam the desired distance from your bike. To make this adjustment, simply twist the light head on the handlebar until you are satisfied with the location of the beam. Please do not attempt to adjust the light while in motion! Doing so could cause you to lose control of your bike and result in a crash.

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