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              Tips & Tricks for your Mountain Bike Lights

Thought I would share a neat Mod I have done for converting the helmet strap supplied with your lights for fitting the light central to the bars.


This is a really neat and easy Mod to do. Now you have a light that is central to the bars giving a nice central beam of light and no longer to the side.  All you need extra to the helmet strap is a couple of Cable Ties to hold into postion.

All you need is your unused Helmet Strap

Remove the Velcro Straps from either side​

Cut a channel on the top down to middle.

Drill 4 x Approx 5mm holes in each corner

Cutting the channel allows the light to tilt more on the mount, without cutting this you may find the cable snag and prevent it reaching the desired angle whilst riding.

As you can see here, you have a much better clearance with it removed.

Which just leaves you to pass a cable tie through each side of the mount and wrap round each side of the stem.

Lumenator fitted central using the modified helmet strap
Lumen800 also used central using the modified helmet strap
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