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Useful Storage Information for your Li-Ion Battery.

That time of year when a few start putting their lights away till next Autumn.

Here's a few tips on getting the best out of your batteries during little or no use till next Autumn.

Keep the battery at approx 50% charged, although the battery is not being used the protection circuit will still draw a few milliamps as it continues to monitor the state of the cells within the battery. Although this is only a few milliamps over time this can build up and if the battery is in a fairly low state of charge it can actually flatten the battery or put the state of the battery that the voltage is below the switch on charge voltage of the charger.

Do not leave the battery 100% charged for this period either, Li-Ion batteries do not like being left 100% charged for long periods as long term they act like the old Nicads with the reverse memory effect.

For storage, the battery is best stored in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight and not in a fridge as some say.

Also I would suggest storing the battery, light and charger in the same box. It is amazing how many chargers I sell due to them being lost during the summer or email me as they have no idea which one is the right one. - Might be a good idea to mark the charger on the back with a pen so you know its the right one.


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