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Portable Power SolutionsTel: 07895038777Email: mark@mtbbatteries.co.uk

Step by step guide to replacing a battery in a Joystick Light


We keep getting asked about replacement batteries for these lights so thought we would do a handy easy to follow step by step guide to change the batteries inside. 


If you are not in the position to replace the batteries yourself we offer a refurb service where you can send the light to us and we can do the replacement for you instead.


Couple of points worth bearing in mind though, so long as the light is giving a reduced light time then it is more likely to be the battery that has now got a reduced cycle life. Sometimes if the light is totally dead it may not be the battery but either the control board under the switch end or the Led itself.


Also not all Joystick lights can be opened easily, if yours has the ridges on the bottom end it can be screwed off as shown in the guide, some versions do not have these ridges and cannot be opened.


Should you wish to go ahead and replace the battery yourself, you can buy the Li-Ion Battery from ourselves and it would include the heat shrink tubing for the solder joints.



Replacement Battery details.


Single cell 3.4Ah Li-Ion Battery. Depending on the age of your orignal light this could give up to an extra 50% run time (Based on a 2.2Ah)


£17.00 Plus Shipping


We DO NOT ship this battery by itself to Northern Ireland, Scottish Highlands, Scottish Islands and other Islands due to high courier charges for certain locations, we will only send it to mainland UK. Please contact us before ordering if you are unsure whether we can ship to your location.

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