Portable Power Solutions Tel: 07895038777 Email: mark@mtbbatteries.co.uk
Portable Power SolutionsTel: 07895038777Email: mark@mtbbatteries.co.uk

Our products: when only quality will do

mtb batteries is synonymous with first-class products. We have an extensive professional range of items, which all meet stringent manufacturing quality and safety standards. Our reputation is second to none.

Our range of Li-Ion Rechargeable batteries are built using genuine Samsung, LG & Panasonic cells.

As well as our standard 'off the shelf' Li-Ion batteries these can also be built to the customers own specifications and requirements.

Each battery has its own protection circuit fitted with various safety features built in as well each cell has its own in-built protection.

These Li-Ion batteries offer high energy as well as a long cycle life.


We offer a choice of various operating voltages and capacities and we would be more than happy to discus this with you further either by phone or email.


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We're always happy to discuss our extensive range of products. Contact us on 07895038777  or use our contact form.

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