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Portable Power SolutionsTel: 07895038777Email: mark@mtbbatteries.co.uk

7.5V Li-Ion Batteries

The 7.5V Li-Ion Battery is the most widely used type of battery found on mountain bike lights.

The only difference is the capacity - the higher the capacity the longer the 'light' time.  

But please be aware that most imported cheapily available lights will not actually quote the real capacity and could be very over rated. Typical a four cell battery (approx 40x40x70mm) will be 4.4Ah.


Each Lithium-Ion battery supplied from mtbbatteries contains a protection circuit that protects against:

Over Charge, Under Discharge, Over Current & Short-Circuit. There is also a resettable fuse fitted inside each cell.


Each battery is supplied at approximately 50% state of charge. This is the best condition for storage. Although the battery can be used straight away we would suggest that the battery is fully charged before use using an appropriate Li-Ion Charger which is also available if required.


** Lately there has been some confusion amongst wrongly labelled batteries supplied with some lights. Batteries labelled as 8.4V are incorrectly labelled, This is the full charge Voltage of the battery and should read 7.5V - They are both the same battery **


- Connectors

mtbbatteries carry a range of connectors that are compatible with a wide range of available lights.

No other connector or lead should be required so you can use one of our batteries directly with your current light and charger.

Most of these can also be supplied to a customers specific length, so if you would like to order with a slightly longer or shorter lead please feel to email before placing your order.

If we are unable to find a suitable connector there is always the option to send the original battery to us so we can use the original lead.


* Hope HLSP305 2013 Extensions cables are used for Hope Compatible batteries, please check to make sure these will fit your Light before purchasing * - These may not fit very early model lights which have a more solid moulding,


As these batteries will not always be used in perfect dry conditions each battery is firstly double sleeved in a PVC heatshrink and then put within its own neoprene weatherproof cover. 

Larger 6 & 8 cell batteries are double sleeved and then plasti-dipped to aid the weatherproofing.

Each battery also comes within its own battery bag that has two velcro fasteners for securing to bike.
Bottle type is also avalable on request

Ordering -

We DO NOT ship this battery by itself to Northern Ireland, Scottish Highlands, Scottish Islands and other Islands due to high courier charges for certain locations, we will only send it to mainland UK. Please contact us before ordering if you are unsure whether we can ship to your location.


2 Cell 7.5V 3.4Ah Li-Ion Battery £32 + Shipping

Connector Type

4 Cell 7.5V 6.8Ah Li-Ion Battery £49 + Shipping

Connector Type

6 cell 7.5V 10.2Ah Li-Ion Battery £65 + Shipping 

Connector Type

8 Cell 7.5V 13.6Ah Li-Ion Battery £89.00 + Shipping

Connector Type

Li-Ion Charger.

8.4V ~1A Output

Compatible with all of the Mtbbatteries Lights - V1,V2, Lumenator, Lumen800 & Lumen2200

£19 Inc Postage (Within UK Only)

Larger capacity batteries are also available to order if required.


If you are unsure of which battery to order or have a general question to ask, please feel to email and we gladly help out best we cansales@mtbbatteries.co.uk


Warranty is up to three months from purchase but please read storage information as regards Li-Ion Batteries when not in use - Storage information

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