Portable Power Solutions Tel: 07895038777 Email: mark@mtbbatteries.co.uk
Portable Power SolutionsTel: 07895038777Email: mark@mtbbatteries.co.uk

In the last couple of weeks we have had a couple lights posted to us as failed. On receiving these we have noticed they MAY look like our lights but are not.


These lights were bought after seeing 'copied' magazine reviews & pictures on Ebay, One customer thought the company was a distributor for mtbbatteries and bought in good faith. We do not distribute and only deal direct.


Only lights with the 'mtbbatteries' engraving are covered by our guarantee. Both customers said they had had trouble getting back in touch with the original supplier. So we're coming to us for help. 
This was the reason we had the print put on in the first. We are now starting to see 'similar' lights to ours being sold very cheaply online. We cant force you not to buy the cheaper lights but bear this in mind should something go wrong.

ALL batteries supplied with mtbbatteries lights are contained within their own Neoprene weatherproof cover. 

Short video of the Lumenator & Lumen800 in use. The clip is a bit downgraded as it is filmed at night, but gives you a good idea of the lights in use.

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