MBUK Oct 2015 Review - Please note the review is for the Lumen2200 but the picture is the Lumenator.

WhatMTB gave it 4/5. "Usefully powerful light packed with really neat practical details at a great price"

Latest generation XML U2 Leds (Approx 10% brighter than standard XML Led's)


Liquid cooled Leds


Separate handlebar control - safer night time rid

Up to 3 hours on full 30+ on low


6 cell 7.5V 6.6Ah Li-Ion Battery inside its own Neoprene weatherproof cover


Battery Pouch for securing to bike


UK 3-Pin Charger


2 Size Luminous O-rings for securing light and switch to the bike


£135 + Postage


Currently out of stock. - Please email for more information.

These Lights are now discontinued. 

I had a few problems with the wires leading into the switch being pulled out after use.

I was finding a few (not many) customers where removing the O-ring for the light but forgetting to remove the O-ring from the switch and as a result pulling the cable out from the switch.

So I have stopped selling these before they became a bigger problem and negative reviews and feedback appeared on forums.
Shame as it was an excellent light. 

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mtb batteries

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Lichfield WS13 6QG


Tel: 07895038777



View by appointment only


Email: info@mtbbatteries.co.uk


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The New Lumenator17

4/5 MBUK OCT 16

The new LUMEN2200

 4/5  WMB OCT 14



Excellent review and video from Campbell Coaching

Excellent MBUK review

The Lumenator

Its arrived

The V2 bike light


1000 Lumens


£89 inc p&p


Li-Ion Chargers

Now available up to 5A Charge rate


"Great lights came in 4th on the Snowdownhill Gersau 2012, Rigi - Switzerland Team NANDROLON 2RADTUNING says Thank You!!!"


"I bought a set of your lights last week. I used them on a solo non stop ride of the West Highland Way starting on Friday night and they were great. Even on low they were fine for cruising along, so I was easily able to manage the 9 hours of night riding without the battery getting near low. On full power the performance is fantastic, the balance between beam and peripheral seems right to me. It also rained almost non stop and the lights weren't affected at all. The quality of the construction, cables and sealing all look really good and it definitely stood up to the test. Great product at a bargain price.
Best regards,
Tom D"


"Another good service experience here, ordered Tuesday 0950, in my hands at 1030 this morning; well done to both Mr Smudge and Royal Mail! "


"I ordered a V2 XML light off Smudge on sunday and received it today tuesday bloody hell that was quick and he also told me via facebook it was on its way

All the praise heaped on Smudge is well deserved"


“Having 4 friends with your V1 XML light, I finally gave in to the need for more light and was fortunate enough to time it just right with the V2 coming out.
My 'V2' XML Light arrived this morning. Super fast delivery - thanks!
I thought my old light was good but this is an amazing amount of light for the money and seems to be well built and very robust.

Thanks for the great service.


"I really appreciate the stellar customer service. That's really hard to come by these days. I tell everyone I know about those lights, as I think they're absolutely brilliant!"

Cheers, Andy


"Battery arrived the other day and is great. In fact great service and advice throughout, you are definitely my battery source of choice from now on.".

Regards, David



"Have received the DX Battery this morning thank you very much. This is my second order from you and on both occasions you provided a very fast and reliable service.
Much appreciated. Colin, Swindon"


"Thanks mtbbatteries....it arrived today.....have charged the XML Bikelight  battery ready for tonight...great service......hopefully I will get another light for the helmet

Cheers, Pete, Clydach"


"Dear Mark, I appreciate the swift reply. I've just paid via PayPal for the battery. Thanks for your help, Steve"


"Battery received this morning thank you, Thanks for another efficient service.

Regards, Nigel"